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Kevin Prince

How I sold my home in one marketing day!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - Article by: Kevin Prince - Liberty One - Message

1. I got my home ready with neutral paint colors, carpet and beautiful new fixtures! (I paid close attention to details and had before and after pictures showing what we did to the house)

2. I knew the market and what homes have sold for in the immediate area.

3. I knew the neighborhood and studied the competition. (I priced it at the high end of the comparables within a mile radius)

4. I worked with realtors. (but I sold it myself)

5. I value range priced my home. (This opened the home buying audience wider)

6. I prepared for transition. (purchased for sale signs, put an ad in the local news source and anticipated selling right away

7. I worked on the weekends getting the place ready to show.

8. I held on open house on a Saturday with freshly baked cookies.

9. I accepted a VA offer. (And to this day these buyers are really glad we worked with them) VA and FHA buyers are a great way to sell your home!

10. The borrowers were VA pre-qualified with a reputable Lender. (check your buyers lender out through resources like

11. I got more than full asking price in a declining market.

12. I closed our escrow in less than 30 days.

I have over 30 years of Real Estate experience and would love to help you get your house ready to sell.

For more information or if I can help you in any way sell your home like I did I am here as a resource. I can help you value your home upfront without a costly appraisal.

Kevin Prince
SVP National Sales
Liberty One
M: 858-926-8904
F: 800-659-4986
Corporate: 267-507-6016

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