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Doc Compton - THE consumer credit expert.

Child support and your credit profile...

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - Article by: Doc Compton - THE consumer credit expert. - - Message

Do you have child support on your credit report?

Not to worry!

Many people don't know that, although it does appear on your credit report, and can impact underwriting decisions on some loans, child support or family support (alimony) are NOT factored into the credit score. Given that so much of what is currently reported on a person regarding child/family support is so hotly contested in court, it was deemed unfair to include it in score calculations.

Not to say that if you owe child support, you shouldn't worry about paying it... You should. But know that if you're trying to get a loan, it's not having the impact on your credit score that you feared it might.

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Doc Compton

The consumer credit expert.

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