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Kevin Prince

Credit Report Secret Revealed!

Monday, January 14, 2013 - Article by: Kevin Prince - Liberty One - Message

Credit report big secret revealed!

I heard from an expert who specializes in credit repair that it was ok to expose a big secret.. now listen to exactly how I say this.. The ONLY negative information that can remain on your credit report is not what is accurate, but what the credit bureaus can prove to be accurate! Now did you catch what I said? They have to prove all items to be accurate, or those items have to come off! And here's some more great news for you.. the burden of proof falls on the credit card companies, NOT on you. So you don't have to prove them to be wrong, they have to prove that they are right. That means they have to call all the people that said you have late payments or bad debts and prove that it was indeed late. If they can't get in touch with them to prove it, then it comes off! The best approach is to have the right letters when it comes time to challenge the credit bureaus, and the letters that come from my sources really work! You & your family don't need to be held hostage by the credit bureaus anymore.I wanted to make sure you know that there are solutions. You do have choices, and yes, those items can come off and you can get the best financing for you and your family. Call me anytime with your real estate or appraisal questions; I look forward to working with you.

The big secret is finally revealed,
Kevin Prince

SVP National Sales

Liberty One

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