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Dennis W Clark

Omaha Mortgages and Home Buyers may Benefit From National Real Estate Trend

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - Article by: Dennis W Clark - Logan Finance Corporation - Message

Omaha Mortgage Lenders, Borrowers, Real Estate Buyers and Sellers can take heart from the latest housing numbers that came out today.

While the numbers for the month were below expectations, there were a couple of numbers that were quite interesting and showed an exciting trend.The national real estate inventory numbers for the month were at 1.8 millions homes. What is interesting about this is that the number is down dramatically from the same month last year. Last year we had 2.6 million homes on the market during the same month.

Under most circumstances, less inventory should mean increased home values. Can the latest numbers tell us anything about home values? Sure enough, the latest numbers show that the national median home price over the last 12 months increased by 11.5%. That is exciting news to homeowners and those people that were hit hard by the market meltdown.

We will have to keep an eye on the trend as we go forward, but this should make home buyers and mortgage borrowers feel more confident in the stability of their home's value over the next several years. This fall in line with my recent blog post at where I gave you the predictions of one of America's most astute housing market watchers.

The take away is that Omaha Mortgage borrowers, Omaha home buyers, and even home sellers can start to trust the market and home values. Following the saying that "the trend is your friend," now is a great time to buy that next home.

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