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First time Home Buyers

Saturday, January 26, 2013 - Article by: MICHELLE DEMA - Embassy Funding LLC NMLS FL 1449883 & NY 854225 - Message

First time Home Buyers

In today's real estate market it is very important to use professionals to help you with your purchase transaction. The three most important professionals that will be involved in your transaction are Mortgage Professionals, Realtors and Attorney's.

Most prospective home buyers first stop is the internet, which is full of information and helpful tips that can be used as a broad approach. The only negative is there is quite a bit of miss information on the internet as well and very rarely is the information state specific. I mention this because every state has different laws regarding real estate transactions.

Using a Realtor can benefit you in many ways. A good Realtor will not only know the state specif laws, they will know important information all the way down to the local level for the areas you are looking to buy. They will negotiate with the seller or sellers Realtor on your behalf, this is were their knowledge of the area and any positive or negative factors can be used to help you make your decisions. They will also have contacts that they have worked with that they can make you aware of to help you narrow down who you will use for most facets of your transaction. As the buyer you always have the right to choose anyone you want for your transaction regardless of who is referred to you or recommended.

Your mortgage professional is equally as important as your Realtor. They will educate you on the mortgage process and guide you through it, to insure a smooth process. It is important to speak to a mortgage pro as early as possible once you have decided to buy a home. Most Realtors will require you to be pre approved so they know that you can purchase a home in a specific price range. Your mortgage professional will go over your income and assets, discuss what your short term and long term goals are. Once you have discussed these with your mortgage pro they will pre approve you based on your income, assets and proposed debt, they will also give you many options available to help you achieve your goals. In today's mortgage lending world it is more important than ever to know what the guidelines are so that your process is as smooth as possible, your mortgage pro can provide this for you.

Your real estate attorney, as mentioned each state has their own specific laws regarding real estate transactions. It is important to use a real estate attorney for your transaction. It is important to use a real estate attorney because they will be up on all the current laws and will also understand the current dynamics of the buying process which is ever changing. Your attorney will also be involved in negotiations on your behalf and will make you aware of your rights as well as the laws in your state.

There will be many people involved with your real estate transaction. The three I have outlined are the most important. Remember all professionals you choose to work for you will have to work together on the common goal for you. Always speak to more than one professional from each industry before making your decision.

Of the 3 professionals I have mentioned in this article, your mortgage pro and your Realtor do not get paid on your transaction unless it closes. Your attorney will be paid a fee that you and he/she agree on regardless of the outcome.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to our buyers and helping them achieve their goals!

We provide stellar service and decades of experience, if you would like to discuss your situation and what steps to take to get ready to purchase now or in the future call us at 201-962-3555 or email us at and ask for Michelle or Benny!

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