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Doc Compton - THE consumer credit expert.

Inaction Could Cost You $$$!

Monday, February 4, 2013 - Article by: Doc Compton - THE consumer credit expert. - - Message

If I told you that a $400 investment would net you a $47K return - GUARANTEED - , would you be willing to make that investment? Of course you would...

Let's compare two examples:

Borrower 1, with a 640 credit score gets a 5% rate on a $150K, 30 year loan, and a monthly payment of $805.23.

Borrower 2, with a 700 credit score gets a 3.5% rate on a $150K, 30 year loan with a monthly payment of $673.57.

That's an IMMEDIATE monthly savings of $131.66, and a whopping $47,397.60 over the life of the loan.

...And yet, people fail to make this simple investment every day, in so doing, fail to get those returns.

So what's the difference in the two scenarios..? Credit repair! Spending a few hundred bucks on a credit repair company to correct inaccuracies, can mean the kind of differences in your cash flow that the example above demonstrate. And yes, you can do your own credit repair, and save the money, opting instead for an investment of the time and research necessary to complete the task successfully. But whether you take steps to improve your own credit score, or hire a credit repair company to do it for you, DO SOMETHING. Don't let the huge return that's there for the taking simply slip through your fingers!

As always, if you have any questions regarding anything consumer credit related, please ask!

Doc Compton

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