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Steven Ceceri

FHA Rent-to-Own Underwriting Rules

Sunday, February 10, 2013 - Article by: Steven Ceceri - Creative Financing Options Group - Message

There are very specific guidelines regarding these types of transactions that a buyer and seller must follow in order for FHA financing to be an option. You can be a deal-saver by guiding clients with the right information!

Rent-to-Own Agreements and Rent Credit

Rent credit for down payment granted by a landlord to tenant facts:

  • Cannot exceed the difference between monthly rent and market rent.

(Ex: Landlord collects $1,000 per month and market rent is $800. Only $200 can be applied toward down payment for future purchase.)

  • Market rent is determined by appraiser.
  • Rent-to-own agreement must be provided to lender.

Landlord/Tenant Sales Transactions

  • Loan amount will be limited to 85% LTV if there is a family or business relationship between the parties UNLESS:
  1. Tenant has rented for at least six months (lease or other occupancy verification is required)
  2. Sales contract is not dated prior to completion of 6-month rental period
  • Maximum financing (96.5%) is available for landlord/tenant transactions with no family or business relationships with no restrictions on previous rental period.

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