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Florian Steciuch

Low rates hurting seniors

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - Article by: Florian Steciuch - Top Flite Financial - Message

I remember hearing retirees claiming they will "live off the interest" on their savings. Well, with savings account paying less than 1% (and actually negative if you consider inflation), the retirees have virtually no interest income. For those on fixed income, and who can not afford to take more risk in the market, there is an option - a reverse mortgage. Many seniors did the right things - live within their means, avoid debt, pay off their homes. Through no fault of their own they have been caught short on cash flow. A reverse mortgage can provide the tax-free proceeds they can use for any purpose - daily expenses, meds, repairs. Their quality of life can improve just by having a few hundred dollars more made available to them each month.

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