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Anthony Piccone

Commercial financing for Brokers

Monday, March 18, 2013 - Article by: Anthony Piccone - 7th Level Mortgage, LLC - Message

I am pleased to announce that we are currently offering Commercial loan products to both individuals and Mortgage Companies. If you are a loan officer who has never attempted to put a commercial loan together yet have clients who may benefit, 7th Level Mortgage LLC is here to help. We have worked with hundreds of mortgage brokers to help them place their clients in commercial loan programs. Our banks will not work directly with you as a broker however because of our length of commercial experience, reputation and portfolio performance we have over 20 banks in the NJ NY PA DE and MD market place that will accept and protect our loan packages. NO DUE DILIGENCE FEES, NO APPLICATION FEES and NO UPFRONT MONEY EVER. We will provide you with references that you may contact as well.

Currently, we have a been asked by one of our banks to help them deploy over $90MM in the next quarter for commercial income producing properties, mixed use and multifamily projects. Rates for very well qualified borrowers can be as low as 3% on 5/25 terms with 5 yr resets at 350 bps over the 5 yr T-Bill as published in the WSJ. Lending footprint is the State of New Jersey and the 5 Boroughs of NY with greater preference given to the 6 most northern counties of NJ. Call me today and ask how you can start closing commercial loans! Our last co-brokered commercial deal closed March 13th - $2.3MM blanket loan on 11 income producing properties, 630 fico score, 70% LTV cash out - the originating broker made $23,000, the borrower received a great deal that 5 other banks had passed on and his rate was under 5.5%. What do you have to lose - give us a call.

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