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This is why I love my job....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - Article by: JoshL - Gold Star Financial - Message

We closed a loan yesterday for a client who was turned down by all of the big banks and lenders out there. My client was in for a surprise when he kept getting rejected by the banks with no explanation. No one bothered to let him know that there were items that came up on his credit report that were dragging down his credit score. Instead, they chose to give him the "great service" they're known for by not returning his calls and sending him rejection letters in the mail.

After he was referred to me by another client, I took a few minutes and asked him about the issues that came up on the credit report. It turns out there were collections listed that were erroneous and we were able to help direct him to get those items rectified with the credit bureaus. They fixed the situation and our client was able to close his refinance with a great rate, since he really had excellent credit.

My point is this: Service is underrated in our country. Big banks are looking for what will help their bottom line and not necessarily the consumer. However, my team and I have a strong philosophy about going the extra mile for our clients, even if the extra mile happens to be asking 1 question that will solve a mystery and change someone's life.

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