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Jeremy Redlinger

Taking Foreclosed Homes for Sale and Turning Them into a Dream Home - MN Dream Home Project

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - Article by: Jeremy Redlinger - Movement Mortgage - Message

For home buyers taking to the Minneapolis housing market this spring, the FHA has designed a mortgage program that may allow you to take a distressed property and customize it with the upgrades that every new home owner wants.

This mortgage program is known as the FHA 203K Rehab Loan and it allows home buyers to roll in up to $35,000 in repair costs on the purchase of a primary residence. The money is first used to repair the necessary items required by the city and the lender and left over money may be applied towards upgrades such as energy efficient windows and appliances within the home.

The MN Dream Home Project is a program that has been orchestrated by Jeremy Redlinger of Guardian Financial in Maple Grove, MN that mimics some of the most popular reality television shows such as Property Brothers and Renovate this home.

The hardest part to obtaining a rehab loan is actually being able to picture the final project in your mind. The MN Dream Home Project consist of a team of loan officers, realtors and general contractors who understand how the program works and how to paint the picture of what your customized dream home could look like.

The FHA 203K Rehab Loan is not primarily for worst case homes with mushrooms growing in the basement. The loans can be used on some slightly damaged foreclosures, short sales and even grandmas outdated but well kept home.

Using the latest in technology the general contractors approved for the MN Dream Home Project have the capabilities to show you electronic drawings of what you home could look like. If you want to take it a step further we can also suggest an interior designer who can really bring the inside of the home to life.

To learn more about the MN Dream Home Project please contact:

Jeremy Redlinger (NMLS #627335)

Guardian Financial (NMLS #357121)


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