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62+ Years of Age?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - Article by: ShiloZitting - Shilo Zitting / The Z Mortgage Team - Message

Have you recently considered a Reverse mortgage? Or interested in learning about the product?

Here are some options to review when considering a reverse mortgage... ...

1. Must be 62 yrs of age to begin.
2.Reverse mortgages are non-recourse: you are not personally liable (beyond the collateral pledged) to the lender in any default, loss, or deficiency.
3.No Credit, Employment, Asset, or Income criteria is necessary to qualify.
4.You as the homeowner, retain all of the future home appreciation.
5.Continue to own your home without ever being forced to leave or make another mortgage payment while you live in the home. (As always, Property taxes and Homeowners insurance are required to be maintained and up to date)
6.Qualify with just 1 day after a Bankruptcy.
7.Multiple condominiums are eligible.
8.No closing cost options are available.

When selecting a Reverse Mortgage, it is important to have options. Know that I have wide range of reverse mortgage lenders that offer different programs, industry best interest rate pricing, and the educational services that you deserve when it's time to make a decision of such.

*What are the chances that one bank will have the mortgage solution that is right for you? Remember, I am a Mortgage Broker, I work for you, not one bank!

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