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Spring Brings Sales - In Foreclosures - III

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - Article by: MLO 293441 - Cascade Pacific Home Loans, Powered by Bay Equity - Message

Spring Brings Sales - In Foreclosures - III

As we continue through this spring (acting more like summer here in the Seattle Tacoma area) - the foreclosures continue to show up in the legal notices section of the newspaper.

For those who missed it, two weeks ago, there were 40 listings in the local paper. Last week it was 10 and this week it is only SIX. However, unlike last week when the announced dates of sale went out 30 days, this week they are ALL SIX for next Friday!

Earlier this week, the news reports came in from Realty/Trac Inc. that Washington to was bucking the national trend on foreclosures. Though nationally the numbers had dropped about 20-30% from April of last year to April of this year, in Washington State there were about 80% MORE properties in some state of foreclosure than in April of 2012. That meant that in April there were over 3,250 properties in some stage of foreclosure in April 2013.

Steven T Cook
Loan Officer, MLO-293441

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