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What to look for in Outsourced Mortgage Fulfillment Services - Titan Lenders Corp | Outsourced Mortgage Fulfillment and Back End Mortgage Processing

Thursday, November 8, 2007 - Article by: Lender411 Member

One of the challenges threatening growing mortgage lenders' success is achieving a balance between working in their business and working on their business. When lenders are focused on managing the loan lifecycle from origination to post-closing to fulfillment and farther, they have limited time resources for marketing their business or developing business growth strategies. Without new customers and an expanding network of referral partners, mortgage business owners will find themselves struggling in a cycle of keeping their head above water and being unable to realize the benefits of their hard work.

Loan origination is not rocket science, but it does involve multiple steps of varying complexity. Additionally, there are ever-changing processing requirements, compliance concerns, post-closing and fulfillment issues, and bundling and investor considerations. Mid-sized and smaller lenders often do not have the in-house resources to manage the life of a loan from origination to the secondary market, nor the capital or infrastructure to add these services to their existing business models. Additionally, as the lending industry faces the one-two punch of declining originations and the subprime fallout, it is impractical and oftentimes impossible for lenders to increase overhead by adding staff, software platforms or other infrastructure expansion. This increases the amount of work left for the lenders and their small support teams, forcing them in many cases to be jacks of all trades, while being master of none. Add to the precarious pile an every changing landscape of investor and regulatory compliance considerations, and a situation arises in which speed and efficiency are infeasible because there is just too much to manage with a lean team.

Given these considerations, what is the best solution for mid-sized and smaller lenders who need reliable management of their origination flow, fulfillment and post closing operations?

One solution lay in turning to an expert provider of mortgage fulfillment and mortgage processing solutions. Lenders need an outsource variable cost solution alternative that will not only streamline their processes and enable them to shift their focus to filling their pipelines, but that will also enable them to reduce risk, errors and overhead in their mortgage operations, while remaining responsive to fluctuations in their loan closing pipeline.

Lenders outsourcing their back office operations to a third party management vendor can gain access to a wealth of services and benefits, including having multiple document system, fraud, compliance choices available to them that would not be practically managed or financially feasible to maintain under an in-house model. Industry leading outsource fulfillment providers engage in partnership and cross-pollination with respected specialty vendors in the mortgage industry, allowing them to customize processes to reflect lenders' unique business practices. By helping them to meet the requirements of their investors and warehouse line providers, these vendors can ensure the best possible salability turn times for lenders.

"Titan Lenders Corp. is founded on the principle that mortgage lenders should aggressively focus on their front-end profit generator - origination, rather than attempt to become experts in executing detailed back office operations," says Mary Kladde, CEO of Denver based mortgage fulfillment and outsourced closing and post closing services provider Titan Lenders Corp. "Our outsource solution reflects decades of experience in mapping and perfecting mortgage fulfillment processes, as well as our co-development of an intelligent technology that facilitates lenders' distinct business objectives."

A good provider of outsourced mortgage solutions will be able to offer completely customizable systems that are tailored and optimized to integrate with your current preferred business processes and compliment your business model to increase efficiency, productivity and, most importantly, profitability.

Additionally, expert providers will maintain current knowledge on all investor and regulatory compliance issues so that lenders can build their pipeline and bundle their loans with confidence, and trust their crucial compliance issues to experts who are on the pulse of industry and regulatory changes.

Smart lenders know that in order to succeed against the big names and to survive in an industry that becomes more competitive and regulated each day, they need to partner with expert third party outsource mortgage services providers to increase their loan security and compliance, streamline their processes and increase their productivity and growth.

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