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Spring Brings Sales - In Foreclosures - VIII

Monday, June 24, 2013 - Article by: MLO 293441 - Cascade Pacific Home Loans, Powered by Bay Equity - Message

Spring Brings Sales - In Foreclosures - VIII

Well, now that summer has arrived, according to the calendar, I may have to update this title, but in the meantime, it is time to review what happened in the foreclosure listings last week on Friday for the Pierce County Washington area..

Turns out that the numbers went back up again. There were a total of 13 listings for upcoming foreclosure sales in the paper on Friday. There was one for July 19th, and about half the rest were for June 28th, and the others for July 26th. That means there will be six more sales this Friday and then about that many more at the end of next month (not counting the others for July 26th that may show up in this coming Friday's news paper (TNT).

Interestingly, through other sources, Friday's news brought notice that Chase is beginning process of laying off about 1,000 mortgage personnel due to their declining numbers of distressed borrowers.

In other news that was making national news on Friday -- the number of foreclosures was said to be leveling off -- this is another one of those cases when we find that all real estate is local -- and that national averages do not necessarily show up in any given locality.

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