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Julie A.Colangelo

Is Your Retirement Dream Turning Into a Nightmare?

Monday, July 15, 2013 - Article by: Julie A.Colangelo - Elite One Mortgage - Message

Remember the excitement of getting married, growing your family, and planning your Retirement Dream?

Whether you planned well or not, there are just some forces you cannot control (the economy). At age 65 when most people "plan" to retire, they find that they may have to work longer.


Retirement assets depleted in the Stock Market (not that the Stock Market is the wrong place to invest, it's just that when you are 65 and it is in the "down" mode, you don't have enough time to wait for it to come back "up"). Inflation, cost of goods, medical and pharmacy increases, helping family members.

What you budgeted for your Retirement is night and day compared to what that budget will cover today. You may have enough to "live" but is it the "comfortable" retirement you planned? What does "live comfortable" mean to you?

My "fairly comfortable" plan was to retire at 62, travel, shop, gifts for nephews (college expenses), dine out a few times per week, go to shows etc. I've worked hard, made pretty good money, funds into retirement every month, but "forces" have adjusted my plan. Now, I know that I will have to work longer, much longer.

In my work, I see "my" scenario every day. Fortunately for me, I have no children, and don't have to worry about leaving a legacy. That is not the case for most retirees. Some are struggling to make ends meet. Because medicine is so good these days' people are living to 100!

What is plan B? Social Security; Government Subsidized Programs; Help from Children?

If you lived the American Dream and purchased a home then you may be able to realize your retirement. A home purchase is one of the single largest investments people make. Yes, I call this an investment. You invested your hard earned money into it, you paid interest on it, and now it can work for you through a Reverse Mortgage. Do not let fear of the unknown or ignorance (lack of education) of this product deter you from knowing your options.

Julie A. Colangelo
Mortgage Consultant with a Passion for Reverse Mortgage
NMLS 234887

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