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Summer Brings Sales - In Foreclosures V

Friday, July 19, 2013 - Article by: MLO 293441 - Cascade Pacific Home Loans, Powered by Bay Equity - Message

Summer Brings Sales - In Foreclosures V

As Summer heats up, we find that the sales are heating up as well. There were sixteen (16) foreclosure sales found this week in the newspaper (TNT), which is down a bit from the twenty-four last week.

These were split over only two dates (in comparison to last week's four). Four weeks out on August 16th had the most with nearly all -- fourteen. Next week had the other two. Along with the five from last week for the 16th, that brings the total for that day to nineteen (19). As is normal, these sales will take place on the 2nd floor plaza of the County-City building at 10 am.

It looks like the next couple of weeks will continue to show similar numbers, as I keep seeing, and hearing about how many foreclosures are still hanging on the books out here, and I would think the banks would want to take advantage of good summer weather and tight listings count to try to get more money from their foreclosures.

It will also be interesting to see how far into the fall these numbers will be sustained, before they start dropping off again to a much lower level (thinking in range of 4-5 week).

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