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Leads on are purchased through a debit system. You need to first credit your account with money and then we will debit your deposit as leads are transferred to you in live time. For more information on our leads, please click here.

We offer various lead types and the cost for them are as follows:

Lead Type Price
Home Purchase $18
Home Refinance $22
Home Equity $15
Loan Modification $15
Debt Consolidation $22
Debt Settlement $15
Commercial Real Estate $22
Reverse Mortgage $15
Auto Loans $10

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Premium Ad Placement - Pay Per Click (PPC)

Premium ad placement gets your name on the homepage as well as many of the state, city, and program landing pages that are one-step away from major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

This is absolutley the best value on the Internet for any PPC or advertising medium. We bring in highly qualified traffic from search engines off mortgage and loan related keywords, and then we send that traffic to your personal website.

Our click packages can be purchased in packs of 100, 275, and 600. Pricing for our click packages are as follows:

Package Name Clicks Price
Basic Plan 0 FREE
Silver 100 $100 /mo
Gold 275 $250 /mo
Platinum 600 $500 /mo

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Mortgage Leads

If you’re a top producer than you will love our leads. We value your time and only provide the highest quality leads.

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Rates Publishing

Quickly post geo-targeted rates to attract borrowers in your local area. Rates advertising has never been easier!

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Engage Your Customers

Discover new ways to interact with borrowers through our website. Prospecting new clients has never been this easy.

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