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Mortgage Rates 8-06-2013

By Gretchen Wegrich Updated on 8/6/2013

Are mortgage rates going up or down tomorrow? For the most part, mortgage rates remained unchanged from yesterday to today. There were a few slight increases, but lenders hardly changed their rate sheets. Most likely, rates will continue to rise as markets are in a rising rate environment. However, analysts are waiting for the Fed to reduce asset purchases, which are expected to directly affect the Employment Situation Report and thereby mortgage rates. Rates are also dependent on the upcoming job report that will come out in early September. The report is expected to generate yet another increase in rates.

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The 30 year fixed rate mortgage best execution rate rose by 0.01 to be 4.49%. The 52-week high is 4.73%.

The 15 year fixed rate mortgage best execution rate slightly increased to 3.69% from 3.68% yesterday. The 52-week high is 3.83%.

The FHA 30 year fixed rate mortgage best execution rate remained steady at 4.25%.

The Jumbo 30 year fixed rate mortgage best execution rate decreased, falling downwards by 0.01% to 4.48%. The 52 Week High is 4.78%.

The 5/1 year Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) best execution is 3.22% and increased by 0.02 from yesterday. The 52-week high of 3.37%.

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