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Mortgage Rates 09-03-2019 Lender411

By Joy Green Updated on 9/3/2019

Mortgage rates dipped lower, starting off the short post-holiday market week. 

Lower interest rates have begun to mitigate affordability, which in turn has shown an increase in the rate of property appreciation. CoreLogic reported July's home price index was 3.6%, with June's increase being 3.4%. Blackknight also reported the rate of increase in its index had risen for the first time in sixteen months. 


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• 30-year (FRM) rates at 3.55% (-0.01%)

• 15-year (FRM) rates at 3.25% (0.00%)

• FHA 30-year Fixed rates at 3.25% (0.00%)

• Jumbo 30-year Fixed rates at 3.58% (-0.01%)

• 5/1 ARM rates at 3.38% (0.00%)

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