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Mortgage Rates 11-06-15

By Lisa Robison Updated on 11/6/2015

Mortgage rates are a nudge higher across the board today.  Today's job reports came in undeniably stronger than expected, which helped bolster any concerns that the Feds would not impose a rate hike in December.  The NFP report was forecasted at 180k, and came in at +271k, the unemployment rate was 5.0 versus the previous forecast of 5.1, Hourly earnings and the private sector employment numbers came in stronger as well then was anticipated.  The only data that remained unchanged in all of this was the average workweek and participation rate data, and the All in all, the report indicated a drastic improvement in the jobs sector.  The effect of this information boosted 10 year yields up 9.8 bps to 2.334.  Bond markets are reacting and seem to be preparing for the rate hike already. Check back next week to see the continued impact of this news in the mortgage market.                   

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  • 30 year (FRM) rates at 3.99% (+0.01%).
  • 15 year (FRM) rates at 3.24% (+0.01%).
  • FHA 30 year Fixed rates at 3.75% (0.00%).
  • Jumbo 30 year Fixed rates at 3.80% (+0.02%).
  • 5/1 ARM rates at 2.93% (+0.01%).
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