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Mortgage Rates 7-13-15

By Lisa Robison Updated on 7/13/2015

What will mortgage interest rates do tomorrow? Mortgage professionals are voting in our daily poll.

Mortgage rates have climbed higher over the weekend, showing a slight increase in all areas except 5/1 ARM, which dropped slightly.  This is due in part to the Greece settlement.  The Greek government has agreed to the majority of demands from creditor nations, and will have to come up with 90 billion in emergency loans over the next three years in order to stay in the EU.  This will be a difficult task, say some. 

 In other mortgage news, the RMMI (Reverse Mortgage Market Index) has shown a 1.6 percent increase from Q4, 2014.  This is due to a $61 billion dollar gain in home values in the senior sector, and a shift downwards of senior debt by almost t 2 billion.  This marks a 34 percent improvement since the recession.  Other factors being considered in mortgage news include the affordability index, in which a recent analysis found that 90 percent of counties in the poll were more affordable in April 2015 than historically reported, and employment news may make affordability even better, with the increase of the minimum wage in Seattle may spark other states to follow suit.  

  • 30 year (FRM) rates at 4.14 (+0.06%).
  • 15 year (FRM) rates at 3.31% (+0.05%).
  • FHA 30 year Fixed rates at 3.75% (0.00%).
  • Jumbo 30 year Fixed rates at 3.92% (+0.05%).
  • 5/1 ARM rates at 3.11% (-0.02%).

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