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Mortgage Rates 8-06-15

By Lisa Robison Updated on 8/6/2015

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Mortgage rates have continued to climb today. News coming from the Mortgage Credit Access Index (MCAI) indicates that credit availability is on a continual rise since last July.  Factors that comprise the MCAI include credit score, loan to value, loan type, among others.  The index has gone up every month since October, 2014 except for a slight setback in June 2015.  Higher balance loan programs has driven an increase on avaialbility of credit in July.  There is an increase in lenders adjusting thier cash-out refinance requirements to accomodate for high borrower demand for equity financing.  Along with the requirements is the increase of low-down payment loans products.  Factors that will predict a rate hike in September continue to focus on wage inflation and personal consumption expenditure.  


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  • 30 year (FRM) rates at 4.03% (+0.03%).
  • 15 year (FRM) rates at 3.25% (+0.02%).
  • FHA 30 year Fixed rates at 3.75% (+0.00%).
  • Jumbo 30 year Fixed rates at 3.81% (+0.04%).
  • 5/1 ARM rates at 3.05% (+0.05%).

Displaying rates for Mortgage Refinance in CA for $200,000

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