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Mortgage Rates 9-13-13

By Steven Roberts Updated on 9/13/2013

What will mortgage rates do Monday? Market rates will rise, according to mortgage professionals on our live poll. Although today’s Retail Sales Report provided weaker data than economist had predicted, it may not be significant enough to prevent Tapering. Today’s rates remained stable as predicted. The Fed’s will announce their intentions for Tapering this Wednesday. Anticipate fluctuation in the market as speculation remains high. Join us for Monday’s rate update and Tuesday’s forecast.


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30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) rates decrease by .01% to 4.68%. The 52-week high is 4.85%.

15-year FRM rates declined by .01% to 3.76%. The 52-week high is 3.90%.

FHA 30-year FRM rates remained stable at 4.35%. The 52-week high is 4.60%.

Non-conforming conventional rates remained stable at 4.69%. The 52-week high is 4.79%.

Adjustable-rate mortgage 5/1 year (ARM) dropped by .02% to 3.14%. The 52-week high is 3.37%.

About The Author:
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts is an editor for Lender411. He specializes in mortgage and finance. Steven graduated from Cal State Long Beach. Contact him at Steven@Lender411com.

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