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Mortgage Rates 9-17-13

By Steven Roberts Updated on 9/17/2013

Will mortgage rates go up tomorrow? Market rates will rise, according to mortgage experts voting on our live poll. The Federal Reserve will announce their decision on Tapering off Mortgage-Backed Securities tomorrow. Industry professionals believe the Fed will cut MBS investment, subsequently driving rates higher. However, if their decision includes moderation, the market may not feel the wrath all at once, as the market has been preparing for months. Today the market improved in response to Larry Summers handing Janet Yellen the front runner position to Chairman of the Reserve. Hold tight and join us tomorrow for the Fed’s decision and Thursday’s prediction.

Displaying rates for Mortgage Refinance in CA for $200,000

30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) rates decrease by .05% to 4.59%. The 52-week high is 4.85%.

15-year FRM rates declined by .05% to 3.69%. The 52-week high is 3.90%.

FHA 30-year FRM rates lowered by .06% to 4.25%. The 52-week high is 4.60%.

Non-conforming conventional rates dropped by .04% to 4.61%. The 52-week high is 4.79%.

Adjustable-rate mortgage 5/1 year (ARM) decreased by .02% to 3.11%. The 52-week high is 3.37%.

About The Author:
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts is an editor for Lender411. He specializes in mortgage and finance. Steven graduated from Cal State Long Beach. Contact him at Steven@Lender411com.

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