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Indiana VA Loans

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Secure a VA Mortgage in Indiana

If you’re a veteran of the US Armed Services and you reside in Indiana, you may be eligible to finance your new home purchase or refinance with an Indiana VA loan.  These loans are available to all veterans who have served honorably, without a dishonorable discharge, for a sufficient length of time.  All VA loans are backed by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).

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What is the VA Loan?

The VA loan program was developed with the intention of helping veterans transition into homeownership.  Owning a home is an excellent way to build wealth and preserve family stability, and the men and women who have served this nation deserve the best opportunities for success that their country can offer them.

VA loans are not originated through the VA department.  Rather, conventional lenders provide VA loans much as they provide other loan types.  But as the VA guarantees and backs all loans made to qualified veterans, lenders take on less risk and are able to offer competitive terms and low rates to borrowers who have served in the military.

VA Loan Benefits in Indiana

The benefits offered to veterans by lenders are numerous.  Some of the most common advantages of VA loans are listed here.

  • Down payments are not required in most cases.
  • Private mortgage insurance is unnecessary.
  • Loan types vary and offer different characteristics, such as long and short term lengths, to suit the needs of every borrower.
  • Credit requirements and income levels are lessened with VA loans.
  • Closing costs are often reduced.

VA Loan Requirements and Eligibility

The most basic requirement for VA loan eligibility is that you must be a veteran.  But it’s not as simple as this.  Your qualification depends upon your length of service and your conduct within the military.  You must have served on active duty for at least 90 consecutive days, and you must not have been dishonorably discharged at any time during your military career.  If you meet these requirements, you’re ready to contact the VA office to obtain your certificate of eligibility.  You can use this certificate to prove to lenders that you do in fact qualify for a VA loan.

Once you have done this, the next step ahead of you is to contact a VA loan specialist to help you finalize your loan application.  Minimum qualifying credit scores are often 620, but may vary depending on the lender.  

VA Refinance

The VA program isn’t just intended to assist veterans who wish to purchase homes.  It also allows veterans to manage their mortgage debt.  You can take advantage of an Indiana VA Streamline, or IRRL, refinance to reduce your monthly payments and pay off your home loan faster.

How does this work?  It’s simple.  When you take out a mortgage, you get a specified mortgage rate.  Over time, market rates may adjust downward and your increased share of equity in your home may qualify you to obtain a lower rate.  When you refinance, you take advantage of this low rate and end up with a lower monthly payment and lower interest expenses over the life of your loan.

Another option is the Cash-Out option through VA. Qualifying borrowers can refinance into a VA loan via the Cash-Out option, while also accessing up to 100% of their current home equity. Funds can be used for home improvements, tuition, and other living costs. 

Indiana VA Mortgage Rates

The most important part of any home purchase or refinance is the mortgage rate you get on your loan.  This is critical.  This, literally, is the price of your loan.  The lower it is when you close deal, the better.  It’s essential that you do as much research as you can before you select a lender to work with.  Different lenders offer different rates.

Compare mortgage rates quoted to you by at least four or five lenders in your area before you decide.  If you don’t do this, you may miss out on a deal.

VA Lenders in Indiana

If you’re unsure of how to proceed with this step, use the form above to get in touch with up to four local lenders in your part of Indiana who can help you close your VA loan.  Ask about mortgage rates, VA loan limits, and application fees before you choose who you want to work with.  If you’d like more information about the VA loan process, contact the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Indiana Military Information

Indiana has one navy base, the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division.  This base is where many veterans who live in the state of Indiana originate.

VA Loan Lending Limits in Indiana

Below is the list of the maximum VA loan limits for counties in Indiana:

County Loan Limit
ADAMS $417,000
ALLEN $417,000
BENTON $417,000
BLACKFORD $417,000
BOONE $417,000
BROWN $417,000
CARROLL $417,000
CASS $417,000
CLARK $417,000
CLAY $417,000
CLINTON $417,000
CRAWFORD $417,000
DAVIESS $417,000
DEARBORN $417,000
DECATUR $417,000
DEKALB $417,000
DELAWARE $417,000
DUBOIS $417,000
ELKHART $417,000
FAYETTE $417,000
FLOYD $417,000
FOUNTAIN $417,000
FRANKLIN $417,000
FULTON $417,000
GIBSON $417,000
GRANT $417,000
GREENE $417,000
HAMILTON $417,000
HANCOCK $417,000
HARRISON $417,000
HENDRICKS $417,000
HENRY $417,000
HOWARD $417,000
JACKSON $417,000
JASPER $417,000
JAY $417,000
JEFFERSON $417,000
JENNINGS $417,000
JOHNSON $417,000
KNOX $417,000
KOSCIUSKO $417,000
LAGRANGE $417,000
LAKE $417,000
LAPORTE $417,000
LAWRENCE $417,000
MADISON $417,000
MARION $417,000
MARSHALL $417,000
MARTIN $417,000
MIAMI $417,000
MONROE $417,000
MORGAN $417,000
NEWTON $417,000
NOBLE $417,000
OHIO $417,000
ORANGE $417,000
OWEN $417,000
PARKE $417,000
PERRY $417,000
PIKE $417,000
PORTER $417,000
POSEY $417,000
PULASKI $417,000
PUTNAM $417,000
RANDOLPH $417,000
RIPLEY $417,000
RUSH $417,000
ST. JOSEPH $417,000
SCOTT $417,000
SHELBY $417,000
SPENCER $417,000
STARKE $417,000
STEUBEN $417,000
SULLIVAN $417,000
TIPTON $417,000
UNION $417,000
VIGO $417,000
WABASH $417,000
WARREN $417,000
WARRICK $417,000
WAYNE $417,000
WELLS $417,000
WHITE $417,000
WHITLEY $417,000

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